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Fjuul provides a digital platform that allows insurers to switch to a “predict and prevent” model, offer modified products to match customers' lifestyles and maximise profits while minimising risks.

Fjuul in a nutshell

The data driven solution captures and enhances biometric data from smartphones, sensors and wearables to run personalised engagement and wellbeing programs at scale.

Our algorithms convert any kind of motion and health data into meaningful and scientifically validated units, that are used for:

  • Bonus & loyalty programs
  • Fitness coaching & prevention
  • Dynamic pricing & underwriting
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Increase activity level and volume of members, reduce churn. Provided Fjuul logic for activity tracking, data analytics and bonus calculation in Helsana Bonus App.


  • Top activity and incentive based bonus program in CH & Europe
  • Growing user base >150 000
  • Higher customer satisfaction
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Engage customers with new prevention & reward based offering. Launch of new biometric life insurance Nordea MyLife Go that rewards up to +25% top-up on insurance sum when meeting goals.


  • 9 out of 10 Nordea customers choose the Fjuul based insurance
  • Attracts younger demographics
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Attract and engage customers and reduce risks & claims costs. Integrated offering combining the Fjuul platform and data analytics around Bio Age Models (BAM) as part of new client offering of SCOR. Used for insurance retail portfolio & corporate clients (group insurance).


  • Mortality reduction 25% for Life
  • Morbidity reduction 15% for Health, Disability, Critical Illness
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Increase sales and retention

Fjuul enables tailored, more relevant and compelling offerings, avoids churn, and allows for cross and upselling options. Engaged customers create more touch points and personal interaction.

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Reduce claim and risks

Healthy customers with better cardiovascular fitness lead to lower risk profiles and claims costs. More interaction can trigger preventative measures before medical events occur.

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Excite customers

Fjuul enables new service offerings and business models, attracting new customer segments and younger demographics.

Improve health icon

Improve health

Users get guidance on how to reach a healthy dose of physical activity. Fjuul optimizes training and performance based on individual fitness levels and adapts to users over time and their shape - a perpetual fitness coach.

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Personalize services

Users receive relevant products and services. Fjuul provides incentives for an active lifestyle, combining financial security and physical wellbeing.

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Save money

Get better insurance deals and additional benefits, such as rewards and special offers that can be earned with healthy activities.


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