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Corporate wellbeing

Motivate and engage your employees with Fjuul digital health and engagement platform. For ambitious corporates that see wellbeing as their competitive advantage.

Activate, Engage, Measure and Improve with one system

The only solution you need to launch and promote wellbeing programs with rewards.

Bonus system

Fjuul converts movement into bonus points, which in the long run becomes a base for a reward. Depending on the user's 100-day average number of points a user can get a bonus on top of their salary. The bonus is paid quarterly.

The boundaries and reward events can be customized.

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Earn your device

The idea is very simple yet amazingly motivating. Your company provides the staff with an activity tracking device to encourage a more healthy and active lifestyle. A user then pays for it with their daily activity.

If there are enough daily goals reached in a given month, a user doesn't have to pay anything for the device that given month; if not – a user covers the monthly payment themselves.

Example: Fjuul + VivoSmart device 7,90 € / month

Earn Your Device screen from the Fjuul app


Competitive spirit motivates people to stay active. With challenges you can engage the whole team independent of the geographical location.

Teams can either compete against each other or the whole company can work together towards a goal in e.g. a charity challenge. The combination of doing good and being active is highly motivating.

Challenges screen from the Fjuul app

Benefits of choosing Fjuul

The benefits are numerous, here are just some

  • Improve your staffs' activity outside of the working hours with personalised targets
  • Improve the attraction of better talent
  • High engagement rate
  • Fjuul users move on average above 60 minutes per day compared to the recommended 30 minutes per day
  • Measurable ROI
  • Our service is tax-deductible
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Increase activity levels and improve workability. Rewarding with a bonus on top of employees' salary when reaching certain activity levels. Implementing Fjuul into overall KPI's.


  • 91% engagement rate
  • Reaching an activity average of 60min / person / day
  • Implementing Fjuul into company's overall KPI's
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Get started

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We are here to help you and get your team active and healthy. We offer KPI and ROI consultancy free of charge for your company.

Click the button underneath and we'll get in touch with you and schedule an intro.

In our first meeting we will walk you through how Fjuul fits into your company and how it can be implemented to suit your needs.

If you still ponder why you should choose us here are some reasons:

  • Easy ROI calculations
  • Key Performance Indicators: sickness leave, work efficiency, talent attraction, employee retention and activity levels.
  • We prioritise two things: People and Prevention
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