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Terms of Use

Die deutsche Übersetzung der Nutzungsbedingungen ist hier verfügbar.

Effective date: 11.5.2021

Welcome to Fjuul. We’re happy you have decided to start Fjuuling. The Fjuul App is provided by Fjuul Vision Oy (company id: 2576529-6), Jokipuistonkaari 2 A 28, 04130 Sipoo, Finland (referred to as “Fjuul”).

These terms of use apply to your use of the Fjuul App. The terms of use are a legal agreement concluded between you and Fjuul for the use of the Fjuul App. Any use of the Fjuul App contrary to the terms of use may result in the deletion of your account.

Your sponsor (for instance, your insurance provider or employer) may have their own terms and conditions that also apply to your use of the Fjuul App. These are defined in the contract between you and the sponsor (for instance, your insurance contract) or in other materials provided by your sponsor. Fjuul is not responsible for the effect of Fjuul points on the terms and conditions of your partner program, or for any effect the use of the Fjuul App has for your partnership program (insurance premiums, or other terms or conditions concerning your insurance).


Fjuul does not charge you for downloading, installing and using the Fjuul App.

Installing the Fjuul App and creating a Fjuul account

You can install the Fjuul App and create a Fjuul account by using the invitation email from your sponsor. In addition, creation of a Fjuul account and use of the Fjuul App requires that you agree to these terms of use.

You may download, install and use the Fjuul App on a mobile device you use personally.

The fitness devices, including any fitness apps native to your mobile phone such as Apple Health, you choose to connect to the Fjuul App as sources of the fitness data Fjuul App uses must be used by you personally and exclusively. This is to ensure fair and accurate allocation of Fjuul Points.

How long can I use the Fjuul App?

You can use the Fjuul App as long as you have a valid activation code provided by a sponsor (for instance, enabled by your employer or an insurance contract with an insurance provider partnering with Fjuul).

When your partnership program ends (for instance, when your insurance contract is terminated, or its conditions change so that you are no longer eligible to use the Fjuul App), the activation code is invalidated and you can no longer use the full functionality of the Fjuul App. You can still see your account details.

If you wish to terminate your Fjuul account, you can do so at any time, by selecting «Delete Account», in the Account Menu of the App.

Termination of your Fjuul account may, depending on your insurance provider, affect the terms and conditions of your insurance.

Privacy and personal data disclosure

Registration information and other information about you and your use of the Fjuul App will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Notice. For more information, please see: https://www.fjuul.com/en/privacy/.

Prohibited use of the Fjuul App

It is prohibited to trick the Fjuul App into awarding you more Fjuul points than you would be eligible for based on your own physical activity. Your sponsor will be notified of any attempts to gain Fjuul points fraudulently.

Availability and accuracy of the service

Fjuul aims at maintaining a high-quality service, and at keeping the Fjuul App accessible and available for use at all times. However, it may happen that we need to perform maintenance or troubleshooting operations that result in the app not being available. We’ll keep the downtime as short as possible and will try to inform you in advance of such situations.

If you think the Fjuul App is not functioning properly, please contact support@fjuul.com.


The app software will be updated regularly in order to ensure optimal security and functionality of the app. You are responsible for installing the latest version of the app software. Fjuul is not responsible for any damages resulting from security breaches due to use of outdated version of the app software.

Changes and updates to the terms of use

Fjuul reserves the right to change and update these terms of use. Users will be notified of any substantial changes to the terms of use affecting the use of the Fjuul App.